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Sep 22, 2023

How to make an office chair more comfortable

You might think you’ve got one of the best office chair solutions money can buy,

You might think you’ve got one of the best office chair solutions money can buy, but what you sit on isn't the end of the story. It is possible to make an office chair more comfortable, which if you spend any amount of time sitting on one, makes an awful lot of sense. Sitting in an uncomfortable position can lead to health issues and isn't good for your posture either.

Help is at hand, however and there are several things you can do in order to make your office chair more enjoyable to spend time sitting on. Equally, it's a very good idea to make sure that the office chair you have is a decent one to begin with. If your budget will stretch to it, try and head for a reputable office brand that has a strong track record on the product front.

Don't forget to factor in the peripherals of office life too, because it's not always just about the office chair. Think about your desk and if it works in harmony with your sitting position. If it doesn't then it may well be time to think about the best office desk options that are out there. Similarly, you may want to think about going down the route of a standing desk, which can work alongside your office chair and improve your workplace routine.

Sitting down is one thing, but comfort levels can definitely be improved by investing in an adjustable foot rest. These generally need to be bought as an added accessory, although some office chair manufacturers include them as part of a package for some seating bundles.

There are lots of these on the market and so it's pretty easy to find a make and model that will fit within the constraints of any budget. If you can stretch to it, aim for one of the more premium models that often come with massage dimples built into the foot pad area as part of the design. Resting your feet on these, without shoes for optimum effect, can really help melt the stress away over long periods of time.

While your feet are going to enjoy a quality foot rest, another area that can make your office chair feel much more comfortable is in the area where your arms go. If you find your arms get tired during long periods spent sitting at a desk, then a lack of or poor support from the arm rests can often be a contributory factor too. What's more, some standard office chairs frequently arrive with less than satisfactory arm rests as part of the basic design.

Therefore, it's a great idea to shop around for some new and improved arm rests. These can be used either in place of, or on top of an existing design, where satisfactory fitment is actually possible. Of course, the best material to choose for improving arm rest areas is memory foam - they can usually be bought pairs and often fitted to an existing design. This smart foam has an innate knack of feeling great to lean or rest on, no matter how many times you’ve done it.

If you’ve previously skimped on your office chair and it isn't exactly the best in the business then another quick fix is the humble seat cushion. Investing in a variation on this theme – there are lots out there to buy, can help revitalise your seating position by offering more support and comfort, all rolled into one package.

Seat cushions come in an array of different styles and designs along with having a wide variety of materials in their construction. It's possible to purchase memory foam cushions, or models that have been ergonomically designed to help improve your posture. The other bonus frequently delivered by a quality brand is that it should improve airflow around your posterior, which if you work in a hot environment can boost morale if you’re sat for long periods of time.

It may seem an unlikely idea, but there are lots of manufacturers out there who are more than ready to help improve your office chair comfort levels by selling you a new set of wheels. It's surprising just how many office chairs don't actually feel very mobile, which if you need to move around on one a lot can soon become a real chore. Therefore, third-party wheel makers have formulated a wide variety of designs that will improve your mobility in the workplace.

It's possible to choose a new set of castors to suit your flooring too, with some working to great effect on pile carpets while others are better aimed at hard floors. They’re generally easy to fit on to an existing chair, once you’ve removed the old set, and will revitalise your seating arrangements. In fact, they work so well that in many cases you’ll wonder why you didn't replace them sooner.

Making your office chair more comfortable to spend any amount of time in isn't just about the seating position itself. Have a think about everything else that works in tandem with your workstation time. You might want to think about getting a wrist rest, which can aid comfort levels around the lower arms, wrists and hands.

Another key area for getting those workplace comfort levels up will often centre around your monitor. If you work using a laptop, this can also produce problems as they tend to encourage slouching and induce bad posture if you don't have yours in a decent position.

Spend some time getting your screen into a better position if it isn't already, or think about investing in a bracket or stand in order to do it more effectively. Similarly, consider investing in a laptop stand, or raising it up with one of many accessories that have been designed to boost comfort levels in the workplace.

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