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Apr 03, 2023

Boulies Elite Gaming Chair review

Whether you're a streamer who plays video games for a living, or a hardcore

Whether you're a streamer who plays video games for a living, or a hardcore gamer with a habit of playing for hours, a good gaming chair is worth its weight in gold. Fortunately there are plenty to choose from, although some are most definitely better than others. Chairs like the SecretLab Titan EVO offer premium quality at a high cost, while many a rival company provide cheaper chairs that aren't necessarily the most comfortable. The Boulies Elite Gaming Chair sits somewhere in the middle, providing excellent quality but at a lower, more affordable price point.

On paper, the latest Boulies Gaming Chair lives up to its Elite moniker. Inspired by the upholstery found in the average sports car, the Boulies Elite uses a Ultraflex PU leather material infused with microfiber suede.

Not only is the luxuriously soft to the touch, but the perforated design ensures your legs won't get sweaty and stick to the fabric.

It looks every bit as good as it feels, featuring an elegant design with curves that are pleasing on the eye, and easy on the spine.

Indeed, the backrest is designed to conform to the natural curvature of the spine, although it also comes with a headrest pillow and lumbar pillow for additional support.

With the pillows attaching to the chair using conventional straps, the accessories don't feel as special as the magnetic extras bundled with the Titan EVO.

Fortunately, however, I found it far more comfortable without the pillows - though it's nice to have the option without having to spend any extra cash.

The Boulies Elite Gaming Chair features upgraded materials, improved ergonomics and 8-way adjustable aluminium armrests.

If you are struggling to find that perfect position, the good news is that there are lots of options for tweaking and adjusting the chair as you please.

The Boulies Elite comes with 8-way adjustable aluminium constructed armrest, as well as the usual reclining, tilt and even tension controls for the ultimate in comfort.

Perhaps the biggest drawback is that it's not quite as easy to put together as the SecretLab Titan EVO, taking roughly 50 minutes to assemble including unboxing.

The instructions aren't the clearest, and there isn't a QR link to an official instructional video, unlike a few other devices I've tried.

Fortunately, a quick search on YouTube led me to an unofficial step-by-step guide, which cleared up any confusion.

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A couple of the bolts were pretty tough to screw in, and some of the components are on the heavy side, so DIY novices might want a second person to provide some help.

I'm also not too keen on the white version of the chair, preferring the more sophisticated black and blue Elites that ooze style.

Currently available for less than £300, the Boulies Elite aren't exactly what you would call cheap, but they're more affordable than the Titan EVO, and feel almost as premium. Indeed, it's only the lack of magnetic accessories that puts it a peg below its Secretlab rival.

The more affordable price tag, on the other hand, makes it an extremely tempting proposition that won't disappoint.

It looks fantastic, feels great, and is strong and sturdy enough to withstand a marathon gaming session or two.