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Dec 14, 2023

Logitech G333 gaming earphones review

Wired earbuds may not be popular these days, but old-schoolers like myself

Wired earbuds may not be popular these days, but old-schoolers like myself still find value in them. I spent a lot of time and money investing in several pairs during my iPod Classic days, and every so often I pull out a pair from my office desk when my AirPods Pro 2 die. Earphones have also come in handy for out-of-date flight entertainment systems that require a headphone jack.

Since my go-to earphones (the 1More Piston Wired Earphones) are currently broken, I’ve had to seek out an alternative that could fulfill my audio needs when listening to music in wired mode. The Logitech G333 filled that void.

Gaming earphones? Yeah, it felt like a stretch purchasing something geared more towards portable gaming, especially since I’ve scaled back on my gaming time. At the same time, I couldn't resist the $20 sale price, nor the opportunity to test them with my Nintendo Switch. Moreso, I was curious to see how they sounded with music and movies.

The answer? Surprisingly great, depending on the device and platform.

Game consoles, MP3 players, and smartphones with compatible wired connectivity (3.5mm or USB-C) have an affordable, impressive-sounding pair of gaming earphones to call their own with the Logitech G333. Note that these buds technically retail for $50, but the purple model is frequently on sale for just $20.

As an audio writer, I’m always on the hunt for enticing headphone deals. It's become second nature ever since my toddler developed a fascination with pulling cords and wires, which has left me short of two pairs of wired earphones.

A thorough search on Google for budget earbuds introduced me to the Logitech G333. The fact that they’re engineered for gaming never turned me away, especially after reading mostly positive reviews from credible sources. Only one model in Logitech's headphone collection has impressed me: the custom-fit UE Drops. Now, I can add the G333 to that list.

When I purchased the G333, I was more interested in using them for music listening than for gaming. Logitech changed my mind — at least for when I’m in the mood to take my Nintendo Switch off the dock and play some games in bed or on the couch. Now, I can't see myself using any portable gaming console without these earphones connected.

I used some of my downtime to enjoy Streets of Rage 4 on the Switch and I was shocked by how well the G333 reproduced sound effects. Every punch and kick thrown had impact, while the special attacks emphasized the electric and fire-y presentation from all characters. My eardrum tickled with every executed finisher during boss fights. The EDM soundtrack was energetic and had me vibing all the way through the end credits. Even small details like cycling through the different menu settings on pause demonstrated the G333's sonic versatility. The reverberation on the selection effects merged into a smooth decay that zipped past my ears and felt realistic.

Much of that same performance carried over to mobile games like Super Mario Run. Our favorite plumber's one-liners came through loud and clear, along with standard effects like block breaks and Goomba pounces. Even the soundtrack had more pep to it with synth notes being prominent throughout each level.

One of the more underrated features of gaming headsets and earbuds is lower audio latency, which most models in this category offer for improved sound synchronization when gaming or watching videos. Wired connections often result in zero latency, and that showed, as cutscenes in video games and sports analysis clips on YouTube had superb verbal synchronization. It's no wonder they’re marketed as the official earbuds of the Meta Quest 2 VR headset.

At the end of the day, I had to remind myself why I originally purchased the earphones, which was for music listening. The experience varies dramatically, depending on the connection type, media device and streaming service. I can tell you that using the buds in aux mode results in a bloated mess. I would have accepted this type of sound quality back in 2003 when I needed anything to pair with my iPod Classic. However, the only benefit to this is emphatic bass that, unfortunately, drowns out everything else.

The USB-C adapter offers much better sonic performance that is better balanced. Connecting the earphones to my MacBook Pro was a delight, as Apple Music tracks were given better mid and high-frequency representation; Mariah Carey's delicate vocals and soaring choruses on "Inseparable" sounded satisfying.

Audio performed better on Android devices. Spotify tracks were pleasant to hear, though the best listening experience came when streaming Hi-Fi and Master tracks on Tidal; frequency range was balanced much better. Don't expect the hi-fi quality that some of the best true wireless earbuds deliver, but also don't expect the muddy disaster that most $10 earphones will get you. Cymbals and tambourines were more transparent, while double bass remained effective.

Logitech's solid craftsmanship had me confident that my 2-year-old toddler wouldn't rip out the wire when connected to my laptop. The tangle-free cord is more durable than what's present on the average wired earphones, plus the aluminum housing around the in-ear design is some of the strongest I’ve tested in the category. This does add heft to the buds, which can cause them to progressively slip out after an hour of wear, though adjusting them every so often isn't a deal-breaker.

I also like the different color options and the accessories bundled with the package: a tiny carrying pouch, USB-C dongle, and three different-sized ear tips (small, medium and large). The attached control module is serviceable and produces great tactility for playback, call management and digital assistant activation. That's correct — these buds support Siri and Google Assistant, and G333's microphone showcases decent speech recognition to register commands accurately.

At their sale price of $20, the Logitech G333 are fantastic, inexpensive gaming earphones that double as reputable music-listening buds. That's a 2-for-1 deal you won't get from another pair of wired earphones in this category and that price point.