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Jun 30, 2023

The Best Budget Gaming Desks You Can Buy In 2023

If you want to buy a gaming desk without breaking the bank, these budget options

If you want to buy a gaming desk without breaking the bank, these budget options might just be for you!

As gaming transcends to something well past a hobby, it also signals a change in how much people are willing to spend to get the ideal gaming experience. Gamers spend thousands of dollars to get the best possible PC components, console upgrades, controllers and headsets as they attempt to find the right balance between aesthetics, comfort and sometimes, sheer dominance in multiplayer games. This has resulted in the age-old argument surrounding gaming chairs and whether they are a boon to gamers or simply a decorative piece for their gaming rooms.

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Gaming Desks can be a similarly challenging subject to talk about. Despite the apparent advantages, not all consumers are convinced about the benefits of gaming desks. Most gaming desks can arguably be better organized than some of their professional counterparts; As multi-monitor set-ups become increasingly common over time, gaming desks have arguably become the need of the hour for some users. Given the plethora of gaming desk choices available to users, it can become tedious to sift through hundreds of options to find a relevant desk for your needs that suits your budget.

The Arozzi Arena is a large ultra-wide gaming desk that fully embodies the Swedish company's minimalistic design philosophy while offering excellent cable management in tow.

The Arozzi Arena Ultrawide Curved Gaming desk clocks in at 63' wide with a focus on minimalism creating an understated and confident centerpiece for your gaming setup. The massive width allows it to easily host 3 large monitors or 2 ultra-wide monitors depending on your needs.

With 4 inches of height adjustable leeway provided, the Ultrawide removes the primary gripe we have with the Arozzi Arena Fratello model and its lack of said option.

Amazon's No-frills gaming desk is a solid value proposition for those looking for a better desk than their existing solution while having made accommodations for some gaming accessories.

The Amazon Basics Gaming Desk is a product that takes its no-nonsense approach to a gaming desk and delivers a stellar, well-built gaming desk that simply gets the job done. The Amazon Basics gaming desk comes in 3 colors: black, blue, and red. It has optional support for a monitor stand that allows it to sport up to a 32-inch monitor with ease.

While it is not going to win any awards for customizability or RGB lighting on our list, the Amazon Basics table caters to a different crowd: Those looking for value with a solid, sturdy desk, and it delivers very well on those counts. Nothing comes close to this desk at its price point under $100 and even the slightly pricier non-black color options seem to offer a fair value to people simply looking for a desk that in a nutshell - just works.

The 58' Seven Warrior Gaming Desk comes in an L-shape that allows power users and gamers to work with as many as 3 monitors comfortably or alternatively, multiple devices on the same, extended desk

The Seven Warrior Gaming Desk is the only L-Shaped desk we are currently recommending. The L-shaped desk may or may not be your primary go-to when it comes to looking at gaming desks since it does tend to occupy a little more space and requires a room corner to truly make use of the space it needs efficiently.

That being said, this does come in a smaller size for those of us unable to fit the larger 58' unit in our rooms. It also supports multi-monitor setups quite well thanks to its form factor.

It does however have limited ground clearance so some larger cases such as the Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL or some full towers might not fit so snugly under the table. It also comes with an excellent carbon fiber finish on top of a chip-board desk top that is complemented by some of the best RGB lighting solutions we have seen in a budget gaming desk under $200.

Sometimes less is more when it comes to design and the Arozzi Arena Fratello embodies that in a premium but minimalistic approach to a gaming desk by the Swedish company

The Arozzi Arena Fratello Curved Gaming Desk does check multiple boxes that our team was looking for when it comes to Gaming Desks. With an included full-length surface mousepad and a nifty cable management solution, it ranks high on our recommendations list.

It comes in a variety of colors that oscillate between black, gray, white, and red while touting a water-resistant surface that the company claims is easy to clean as a result. All in all the Swedish company seems to have gone with a minimalistic approach for the Arozzi Arena lineup and the Fratello seems to be one of the beneficiaries of a less-is-more design philosophy.

Easily one of the best-looking RGB desks on our list, the EUREKA ERGONOMIC RGB LED Gaming Desk charges a premium for the extra customization it offers as well as its superior RGB lighting.

The Eureka Ergonomic RGB LED Gaming Desk is a favorite of multiple users on Amazon despite the price point it sells at, and it is quite easy to see why. Not regularly do you see an extremely sturdy table with a scratch proof, shatterproof, and waterproof glass top that can sustain as much as 200 lbs of load in such a small form factor (a larger option does exist but costs twice as much).

With some of the best-in-class RGB lighting that we have ever seen on a gaming desk, the Eureka doubles down on customization by offering customizable brightness modes, dedicated app controls as well as the ability to sync it to music being played in the background, and heat-resistant tempered glass top, it is an ideal choice for creators, gamers and people simply looking for something that stands out in their room to showcase their rig on a classy but unique table.

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It comes in 5 colors with options for monitor arms or mounting solutions as well as the same minimalistic cable management option that make the entire Arena lineup an easy recommendation on our part.

This FlexiSpot E1 Standard Standing Desk is made of sustainable, durable, and elegant bamboo. It makes it 40% harder than Cherry Wood, which almost eliminates scratching and dents. Bamboo is also the fastest-growing plant and there is no shortage of it. It is an all-natural surface that is also more elastic than ordinary wood. The carbonized coating technology makes the tabletop water-resistant.The build is strong and stable with a frame and legs that can withstand the weight of a computer and accessories. The keypad option will allow transitioning between sitting and standing.

The FlexiSpot E1 does stick out as a non-gaming-themed desk in our list but it more than makes up for it by simply being a top-notch product that makes no excuses when it comes to build quality. With endless customizations in play, the gaming desk can completely be built to order, something that makes it a serious contender for the top spot on our list.

With an above-average load capacity and the ability to double as a standing desk, the Flexispot E1 just happens to be the best-value high-end desk that also sports an excellent height-adjustable solution for people wanting more control over their desk's configuration.

Adding in potentially multiple cable management options and an already-included keypad to control the table's height gives it a very premium finish compared to the competition.

In looking for the best budget gaming desk, it shouldn't surprise you that a lot of the skills you would use when looking for the best gaming desk will also apply. However, somewhat paradoxically, when searching for a budget gaming desk you'll need to pay attention to key quality factors more. Getting quality features on the desk as much as possible while avoiding bloat and premium pricing is paramount. The primary ways purchasers of budget gaming desks miss the value mark is by ignoring material over beauty, setting unrealistic height adjustment options, and paying extra for lackluster "bonuses."

When reviewing the best gaming desks we advised gamers to gravitate towards high-quality plastic or wooden tops with sturdy metal frames. That advice still stands, but there is a lot to add to it when considering your budget gaming desk purchase.

In the world of gaming desks, there are masonry (or "plastic masonry") flourishes that can make a desk look expensive. Slight rises in the back, inserts for lights, etc. all come to mind. While these can be good in limited doses and there are always exceptions to the rule, favor flat slate tabletops over these desks that visually look expensive. If something looks fancy, it is probably priced to match.

The same thing goes with gaming logos — especially of characters or eSports teams — as these products aren't seen as advertisements for the game or team. They're almost certainly licensed, and the customer has to pay for it, either through sacrificing material quality or high prices. If the price is budget, you can guess which one it is.

In other words, if you buy something that looks fantastic at a budget price, you might end up with a beautiful piece of cheap plastic. Buy a quality desk and decorate it with stickers, decals, and a pair of the best monitors you can afford. The end result will be much more satisfying.

Height adjustment for gaming desks lives in a sort of mystical place for the uninitiated. Desks that sort of hover and move vertically just don't fit into our usual perception of what a gaming desk should do. That, and the fact that they are vaguely associated with health, gives budget height adjustable gaming desks the chance to go for a premium price.

They don't, however, need to be that expensive if you know what you're looking for. In our collection of the best height adjustable gaming desks, you'll find a variety of common features:

Do you want these features? To some degree, probably. Do you need all of them? To have a good, or even great, height adjustable gaming desk, no. Be careful and clear the area above/below your gaming desk before adjustment and you'll never need a sensor. Similarly, adjusting your desk to slightly different heights each time could even be a positive for your joint health. In any event, you're paying extra for each of them, double-check that a large part of your desk payment isn't going to a sensor that a careful eye could make useless.

Another factor that companies like to promote is the maximum load a height adjustable gaming desk can lift and carry. The numbers can get quite high but don't need to be for the desk to be functional. Chances are, you are never going to have over 250 pounds on your desk while it is being lifted. Anything over that and you might be paying for nothing.

Headset holders, cup holders, drawers, built-in monitor arms, etc. They are all bonuses that help make the case for a gaming desk to be among the best. But, they are factors that contribute to cost. Remember that every "extra" added to something is paid for by you.

So, if you see a budget gaming desk with a lot of extras, be sure to ask yourself if you'll really use them. Be honest with yourself, what do you really need? If the desk has an extra that's extra, skip on it for now to keep yourself in budget range.

This depends on the kind of space you have and your use case. In some instances, L-shaped desks are a superior solution for cramped rooms but are limited by their form factor which can restrict the kind of monitor setup you can use. Likewise, standard gaming desks are not ideal for some multi-device configurations.

General gaming PC setups and creator desks can weigh in anywhere from 40 to 100 lbs. Anything above is simply a bonus. As a rule of thumb, attempt to aim for gaming desks that can sustain at least 100 lbs. This also works as a testament to the sturdiness & build quality of the table, so you can ensure you are getting a solid product that will last you for years.

Absolutely. Most gaming desks are slightly better versions of work desks but with added customizations, add-ons such as headphone mounts and full-length mousepads aimed to make work and play easier for the average gamer, creator, and professional.

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