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Jun 21, 2023

Best Gaming Desks 2023

Gaming desks are no mere marketing gimmick. In fact, they aren’t just great for

Gaming desks are no mere marketing gimmick. In fact, they aren't just great for gamers, but can be excellent all-round desks for any kind of activity as well. Headset hooks, drink holders, a wide surface for big screen monitors, and even deskpad mouse mats that cover the entire surface are all useful extras gamers benefit from—all while enjoying a sturdy and attractive desk from which you can stand your ground and vanquish your in-game challengers.

The Secretlab Magnus is an attractive, versatile gaming desk with RGB lighting and a handy magnetic ... [+] accessory feature.

Some desks are adjustable, too, so you can switch between seated and standing gaming to help maintain good posture. There's even a desk with space for you to build a computer inside it—Lian Li's DK-04F is something quite special.

To assemble this list, we relied on our first-hand experience with some of the world's top desks and conducted in-depth research of any we haven't personally spent time with. The end result is an impressive list of the best desks for gaming, for all sorts of needs and budgets.

Secretlab US

Size (L x W): 59.1 x 27.6-inch | Height: 29 - 29.8-inch | Material: Steel | Weight limit: 220 pounds

Best for: Multi-monitor gaming.

The SecretLab Magnus metal gaming desk is a sturdy and expansive desk with all the space you need for multiple monitors, as well as a gaming desktop PC or even a laptop as well. It has a robust build quality and with its handy magnetic accessory rail around the edge, you can easily add extras from SecretLab like cup holders, cable management, RGB lighting and more. At 117 pounds of machined steel, this is a relatively heavy desk and not easy to put together by yourself. But once constructed, you get an extremely sturdy surface, and with its 220-pound weight limit, you needn't fear it collapsing under the weight of an expansive gaming setup.

The desk has some partial height adjustments to accommodate different user heights, but these adjustments are not as simple as on a standing desk (which has one button and moves itself). To adjust the height, you’d have to remove everything from the desk to make the height adjustments at the feet. It's a nice feature to have, but it's not a standout feature for this gaming desk. What does stand out is this its trim profile, light-enhanced accents for a touch of personality and excellent cable management system with space for all your wiring. The Secretlab Magnus looks smart and professional, whether you're a competitive gamer, a hobbyist or a work professional wanting to enjoy gaming in your leisure time.



Desk size (L x W): 47.6 x 24-inch | Height: 27.5 - 46.5-inch | Surface material: Tempered glass | Weight limit: 175 pounds

Best for: Staying active while gaming.

Adjustable desks are one of the best ways to maintain good posture and stay active while you're gaming, and one of the best standing desks is the Seville Classics Airlift. It has a stylish tempered glass surface which might show fingerprints, but it looks professional and classy and works well with dry erase markers, so you can easily take notes while you game without spoiling the surface. It's supported by a sturdy steel frame for plenty of support—even if you want to add larger desktop gaming setups with multiple monitors. It's height adjustable across a wide range of heights, and you can save them to the built-in touchscreen control box to make it easy to return to your favorite heights. It also has a child-lock feature to prevent tampering.

This desk also features handy USB-A ports on the front panel, making it quick and easy to charge any of your smart devices. The front is vinyl-coated with medium-density fiber board, and the frame comes in both white and black color variants.




Desk size (L x W): 63 x 32-inch | Height: 27.9 - 31.9-inch | Surface material: Cloth mouse pad | Weight limit: 176 pounds

Best for: Comfortable gaming whether you're left or right handed.

The Arozzi Arena is a massive gaming desk—and it puts most other gaming desks to shame. If you have an ultrawide gaming monitor, or want to have an impressive array of gaming displays in front of you at the same time, the Arozzi Arena can handle all of that, and more. It also has a machine washable, weighted and water-resistant microfiber cloth mat surface that covers the desk from end-to-end. This means you don't need a separate mat of your own, and you can play readily left or right handed without adjusting anything. The mat material comes in an array of color options, as well as a pure black option that ditches some of the styling for a more understated look.

The desk has some slight height adjustments, but you need to do so by raising or lower the feet, which which isn't easy once your gaming desk is built and setup, so consider your chosen height wisely during assembly. The sheer size of this desk makes it almost a necessity to build with two people, as well—and after you’re done, the desk is big enough that even two people could enjoy gaming on it at the same time if you wanted. That big surface has multiple cutouts for cable management, too, and discrete gaps in the mat material let you run monitor cables down through the desk, reducing overall cable clutter.



Lian Li

Desk size (L x W): 39 x 29-inch | Height: 27.1 - 46-inch | Surface material: Powered switchable glass | Weight limit: 176 pounds

Best for: Having a desk and gaming PC all in one.

The Lian Li DK-04 FX is a unique gaming desk because it not only supports all of your gaming monitors, but can house your gaming PC, too. As in, it's designed for you to build your own gaming PC inside the desk, with the compatible components of your choice. Inside, the desk has impressive cooling systems, including watercooling. And the powered glass surface can hide or reveal the computer's components at the touch of a button—a great party trick and useful for avoiding distraction while working or playing games. If you want to stand while you game, this desk has a wide range of height adjustments, with a well-designed control pad which stores multiple preferred heights. The control pad also gives you quick access to RGB lighting and fan controls for fine tuning your system on the fly.

The desk itself is made from aluminum and has a weight limit of 176 pounds—quite typical for this sort of gaming desk, but the weight limit is beyond whatever components you put inside the desk's built-in PC chassis, so it's a more impressive weight limit than most. It also has some handy quick-access USB ports on the front (including USB Type-C) for charging and powering different accessories.




Desk size (L x W): 44 x 24-inch | Height: 30-inch | Surface material: Vinyl laminated fiber board | Weight limit: 200 pounds

Best for: Gamers who want a budget priced, full-featured gaming desk.

The Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S might make you question why all the other gaming desks have such inflated price tags, as this one seems to have everything you could want. It has a great weight limit thanks to its steel z-frame construction; some unique gamer styling on the sides to keep all your accessories and peripherals from rolling off; and even has some fancy RGB lighting to make your desk look the part. It also comes with handy accessories like a built-in cup holder and a headphone hook.

A major selling point of this gaming desk, though, is its price. At just over $200 it is far cheaper than most of its competition, despite doing what they do almost as well. It lacks any kind of height adjustment, though, and the plastic edges won't be to everyone's taste, but the overall design is solid and it looks different enough that it stands out from the crowd of its contemporaries.




Desk size (L x W): 36 x 26.8-inch | Height: Various | Surface material: Vinyl laminated fiber board | Weight limit: 35 pounds

Best for: Turning your existing gaming desk into a standing desk.

If you already have a gaming desk (or at least one that works well enough for gaming) but wish you could sit and stand to play, here's your solution. The VariDesk Pro Plus 36 lets you turn any desk into a convertible standing desk. All you have to do is pop your monitor, keyboard and mouse on the various trays of the VariDesk Pro, and then lift it up when you want to stand and lower it when you want to sit. It's lightweight and easy to maneuver while still being sturdy enough to support 35 pounds of equipment. That won't comfortably hold your desktop tower, mind, but it's enough for a good size gaming monitor and peripherals.

You can set it to a range of different heights, and the keyboard tray always sits a little below the top shelf, so whatever height you set it to, you'll always have a comfortable position to game from, helping to maintain good posture. There's a 30-day free return policy with this desk surface too, and it comes with a five year warranty, so you're covered for any potential defects.



Picking a gaming desk isn't too different from picking any other kind of desk. But where both need to have a comfortable and attractive surface that's big enough for what you want to put on it, there are some gaming-specific features you might want to look out for.

Have you ever tried gaming at a standing desk? It's quite a comfortable way to play and if you're prone to poor posture, then a standing gaming desk can go a long way to helping you improve that. It keeps you more active too—burning calories and improving fitness while you entertain yourself is always great.

You can get standing gaming desks which go up and down at the touch of a button, or there are convertible desks, like the one above, that let you manually adjust an existing desk to a sitting or standing position. You can skip all this if you just want a gaming desk for sit-down gaming (a much more affordable option), but don't discount how good a standing desk can be for gaming.

A lot of gaming desks are designed to look and feel a lot like gaming peripherals, and that means having RGB lighting. Some desks come with lighting at the rear, like a bias light for your monitor. Others have it tastefully placed around the desk surface itself, potentially illuminating useful elements while you play. It's a strictly nice-to-have feature for those that want it, as no desk needs its own lighting, so judge whether it's something you're willing to pay for.


Some gaming desks come with built-in USB ports. These can be handy for charging your smartphone, laptop, or other devices. In some cases, those ports can connect to your PC too, letting you more easily transfer files and folders between devices. These are handy at times, but don't make a huge difference to a gaming desk, so only consider them as a fun extra if you can make use of them.

Since gaming desks aren't typically that different from standard desks, they often come with unique accessories to help them stand out. Some have built-in headphone hooks to hold your headset, while others come covered in a deskpad mouse mat surface. Others have options for desktop tower holders to attach your PC to the desk, and some have cable tidies and bays that you can route your cables through to make the setup look neater. You'll need to judge these on a case by case basis, but if you're torn between two desks, see which has the best accessories.

You definitely don't need a gaming desk, but there aren't many standard desks that have the kind of features that gaming desks do. You won't find USB ports on many non-gaming desks, nor will you find ones with a deskmat built into the desk itself. Good luck finding any kind of normal desk that lets you build a PC in it too.

Still, if you just want to play games at your desk and don't need anything fancy, then you don't need a gaming desk. Just grab the best desk you can afford.

Absolutely. Many people do it all the time and it's their preferred way to play. Although it's not typical, it can really help your posture and back health, especially if you play for hours at a time without breaks. Just make sure you wear comfortable footwear and have a standing desk mat or rocker to help take the pressure off of your feet, as they can get quite tired after long sessions stood up.

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