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Jul 23, 2023

Gaming Accessories That Give Strong Hobbit Vibes

Need a little more Middle Earth in your gaming life? Here the best gaming

Need a little more Middle Earth in your gaming life? Here the best gaming accessories with Hobbit vibes.

The rise of cozy gaming may seem straightforward, but there are plenty of ways for gamers to pretend that they’re in a comfy cottage while they play. For fans of The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Rings of Power, there's really only one way to go about cottagecore gaming: hobbit style.

Luckily, there are a lot of warm, rustic accessories that can transform any gaming space into a hobbit hideaway that's got every creature comfort a gamer could want! From choosing the right lighting to effectively managing tea time, living the gamer hobbit life means adding a few unique touches here, there, and back again.

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These LED candle lights offer a rustic, warm glow without the mess of real wax. The pack of six includes candles of varying height, allowing for dynamic setups.

Who needs fancy light strips when they’d rather be sipping tea in a mossy cottage? These LED candles are simply perfect for creating cozy mood lighting. Real candles are a bit of a fire hazard in a gaming room, but fake candles are totally safe!

The convenient pack of 6 includes candles in gradually increasing sizes, which look great in a row, a cluster, or spread out across a desk or an entertainment center for console gaming. They aren't smart lights that can be controlled from afar and there are no additional color settings, but they’re perfect for warming up hobbit holes.

This two-tiered lazy susan shelving unit is perfect for keeping items organized and out of the way, while still being readily accessible at a moment's notice.

Every Hobbit needs their snacks close at hand, along with their other small accessories like chargers and controllers. This two tier lazy susan offers a rustic look that makes it seem like it belongs in a cottage, while keeping food safely contained and away from the electronics.

This is especially great for gamers with limited space who need a little extra help to keep their desk organized. Everything can stay easily accessible without getting lost in desktop clutter. Plus, the spinning aspect means users can load up on snacks and simply spin to what they want, when they want. No more skipping second breakfast, elevnsies, or afternoon tea!

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The Flortlias Transparent Double Sided Stained Window Film is a static cling decoration that works with almost any clear surface. The designs allow light to pass through, but not a full view.

Nothing says a hobbit home like overgrown vines and leafy motifs. This static cling decal is a beautiful stained glass window style pattern with leaves, vines, and flowers depicted. Although it's really meant for windows on a house, it works perfectly well on PC windows too! They’re easy to attach and can be cut into any shape you want, plus the extra stuff can go on windows for extra privacy that doesn't completely block light!

Even RGB PC setups look great with static cling, thanks to the way that most light is still able to pass through the sheets. Players who like to switch back and forth between cozy gaming and more intense genres can still have it both ways with this in-Shire-ing accessory.

The CEROBEAR Mug Warmer is a convenient electronic heating device perfect for keeping hot drinks at one of three pre-set temperatures, 130℉, 150℉, or 170℉.

Do gamers know about tea time? Obviously! Just like with the snacks, having a warm mug of tea is essential to hobbit life. This cup warmer has a dark, wooden finish, once again bringing out rustic flair that matches the hobbit aesthetic. The minimalist design looks clean and allows users to keep their drink at one of three temperature settings. Despite its modern trappings, this cup warmer isn't overtly 21st century in style and uses a compact design that can fit in almost anywhere. This simple tea cup warmer will blend in with other cottagecore decor and can be tucked away when not needed, though that probably won't be often.

This 11.5" incense burner is uniquely designed to look like a tree ent. While it is designed for incense burning, it also serves well as a rack for small items and headsets.

This is supposed to be for burning incense, but when the smoke clears, gamers can easily use this as a cool headset stand. Hobbits and ents go way back, right? At the very least, the ents are used to carrying hobbits and their things around, so why not have one hold a headset? Even though it isn't officially licensed or anything, it is well-designed and has a lot of fun little details, like the cute owl on the back.

This ent figure also offers a uniquely wide pose that lends itself well to holding a charging headset or even two earbuds on its other branches. The wide, round top is completely finished, so most headsets will be able to rest over it without falling or getting damaged.

The officially licensed Drop + The Lord of the Rings MT3 Elvish Keycap Set is perfect for fans of Lord of the Rings and high-quality keyboards. The elegant script and color scheme make it easy for gamers to have a little piece of Middle Earth at the tips of their fingers.

For gamers who never learned Elvish (regardless of how obsessed they got), here's another chance. Now PC gamers can increase their nerd cred and rep their love for fantasy linguistics, all with a very chill, earthy color palette. DROP is known for their customizable keyboard options, and their team-up with the Lord of the Rings franchise has led to a beautiful custom keycap set.

Similar to other foreign keycaps, such as on Japanese keyboards, each key shows the Elvish character most prominently, with the English equivalent in the corner. Some of the larger keys have the translation written on the side, such as the caps lock key, but all the characters are super legible. The matcha tea green and creamy off-white keys are easy to install and are made with high-quality materials perfect for PC gamers who appreciate good elf lore.

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