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Oct 24, 2023

Secretlab vs. DXRacer: Which Gaming Chair Brand Should You Get?

Secretlab and DXRacer gaming chairs look pretty similar, but which one is best

Secretlab and DXRacer gaming chairs look pretty similar, but which one is best for players in the market for a new PC chair?

DXRacer and Secretlab are two well-respected gaming chair companies who have each made a lasting impact on the market. Secretlab's name is no joke; they invest thousands of hours of R&D for each of their chairs and consistently offer ergonomic improvements backed by scientific papers that leave no question as to the validity of their claims. DXRacer is a pioneering company as well, starting out as a producer of luxury car seats until 2006 when they changed everything by creating the first racing-style gaming chair.

DXRacer has once again revamped its lineup, moving closer to scientific ergonomics than they’ve ever been before. Their secret? Probably Secretlab, one of the major players in the PC chair game and a worthy opponent to take notes from. But does Secretlab really have something special, or can the gaming chairs at DXRacer compete against the best?

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As with any gaming chairs, players will want to consider a number of factors before settling on a decision, including:

These elements will have the greatest impact on whether a chair is good or bad for any individual.

Both DXRacer and Secretlab chairs use scientifically-backed ergonomics and as a result, have very similar support systems throughout their chairs. Secretlab created a special proprietary lattice that automatically flexes to the spine, fitting the natural curvature of a person's lumbar region even as they move around in the seat. DXRacer has basically the same system in their chairs, the exception being that DXRacer's lattice weave is slightly wider than Secretlab, and it only flexes when a manual side knob is turned.

As for the other elements of the chair designs, both chair makers provide players with plush, yet supportive cold-cured foam and feature wings along the sides of the back and seat, but each has their own unique approach.

DXRacer has three gaming chairs to choose from, all designed to fit a variety of body types. Their plush foam is top of the line and simply makes the chair really comfortable to sit in, even after hours of gaming. All three of the DXRacer gaming chairs come with a head pillow, made with either standard high-density memory foam or a cooling gel memory foam (which is only available with the DXRacer Drifting series). Both options are incredibly soft and comfortable, though the cooling memory foam is the better of the two.

Secretlab offers much more premium ergonomic design, but at a cost. Secretlab chairs don't usually come with extras like head pillows or lumbar pillows, although these are available to purchase separately. Unlike DXRacer, the headrest pillows are only available in memory foam, but all of them are conveniently magnetic, eliminating the need for straps. For cooling gel memory foam, users will need to get the Lumbar Pillow Pro from Secretlab.

Regardless of missing pillows, Secretlab gaming chairs offer supreme comfort and support good posture with a long list of pending patents powering their designs. The Secretlab team used pressure mapping tests to determine exactly how to form their foam seats and direct pressure along the back. This process created chairs that reduce pressure on known pain points on the backs of the legs and along the spine.

As far as upholstery goes, there's a fair bit of room for personal preference. From DXRacer, players can choose either PU leather, EPU leatherette, microfiber leather, or water-resistant fabric. On Secretlab's side, there's just the NEO™ Hybrid leatherette and the SoftWeave™ Plus fabric.

Players who tend to run hot will want the breathable fabric options. Both brands offer stain-resistance, but DXRacer takes it a step further and makes the fabric completely waterproof; the trade-off being that it isn't as breathable as Secretlab's fabric. Similarly, Secretlab's NEO Hybrid leatherette is almost identical to DXRacer's EPU leatherette, except that it's somewhat softer and more durable.

DXRacer and Secretlab are pretty evenly matched when it comes to comfort and ergonomics, but in the end Secretlab offers a more premium experience that some gamers are willing to pay extra for.

There's no question that DXRacer has a greater variety of chair shapes than Secretlab. Although both companies previously had much wider selections, both DXRacer and Secretlab have pared down their lines. In Secretlab's case, this has left them with just one chair shape, the Titan Evo.

Between the three DXRacer chairs, players can choose concave, convex, or contoured seats, various chair heights, and whether or not they want a headrest pillow included with their chair. As far as designs go, there are a handful of fun, franchise and esports related chair covers for the Craft Series chairs, but the other DXRacer chairs only have a few color options to choose from.

Secretlab recovers a bit of ground here, despite having only one chair shape currently. There are dozens of designs to choose from with Secretlab, as they’ve partnered with tons of great game titles, teams from esports and physical sports, and other popular franchises. They frequently release new chair designs to match up with whatever's trending and users can easily refresh and revamp their style with Secretlab Skins.

This is a subjective category, as everyone has their own tastes, so there's no clear "winner" in style. However, DXRacer has plenty to offer players who are looking for wider seats and included headrest pillows, while Secretlab is going to be best for diehard fans who want a specific, lucrative franchise (such as Harry Potter or Overwatch 2) represented on their PC chair.

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DXRacer and Secretlab tend to be in-line with comparably premium gaming chairs, using steel frames and cold-cure foam to allow for higher weight capacities and cushioning with real longevity. Along with these major improvements, small parts have become cheaper than ever, so both chair makers offer adjustable seats, backs, height, and even lumbar supports. These parts are covered for 3-5 years, depending on whether an extended warranty is registered. DXRacer also offers a lifetime warranty on their steel frame, but that's easy to do when the max weight for their chairs is 275lbs. Secretlab chairs can support up to 395lbs of weight.

As for the outside of the chair, DXRacer's upholstery options include the budget PU leather that was the standard for many years, while both DXRacer and Secretlab offer the much tougher EPU leatherette as another option. Where they differ most is with their fabric options. DXRacer's fabric is water-resistant, but this makes it less flexible and soft than Secretlab's fabric, which is exceptionally breathable as well. Though their fabric option isn't water-resistant, Secretlab's two upholstery options are among the very best.

DXRacer doesn't have much customizability available for their chairs, but for some gamers that's better than Secretlab's approach of offering the majority of the customization options through additional purchases. While DXRacer has more upholstery options than Secretlab, each option is so limited that they don't gain much ground.

Players willing to pay a little extra with Secretlab can buy really cool memory foam pillows with various characters on them (like the llama from Fortnite or Poro from League of Legends), swap out standard armrests with memory foam ones, and even get a new chair cover with Secretlab Skins. These customization options from Secretlab are kind of awesome and can extend the life of a gaming chair by years. DXRacer does have four memory foam lumbar pillows available, plus higher-quality wheels and an extendable footrest, but ultimately nothing too impressive compared to Secretlab's selection.

Even without considering the pricey add-ons, Secretlab's upholstery options are available in more colors and designs than any of the chairs from DXRacer.

Regardless of quality, a budget is binding for most shoppers. Secretlab doesn't hide any of its prestigious allure, including their price tags, which can get as high as $900. Even their accessories tend to be 10-30% more expensive than other brands. However, their products are as solid as they promise to be, and the higher price is well worth it.

That being said, there are a lot worse gaming chairs than DXRacer's series of gaming chairs, although many of them are cheaper. DXRacer isn't necessarily a budget choice, but with frequent sales that drop chairs down to as low as $350 they’re a dependable mid-range option that will suit plenty of gamers just fine.

Compared side by side, the small differences between Secretlab and DXRacer gaming chairs are easy to spot, making it clear that Secretlab has a more premium product to offer. However, having the very best materials isn't everything, especially when slightly lower quality designs can be found for a bargain.

Despite the Titan Evo being one of the best gaming chairs of 2023, it's not for everyone. DXRacer and Secretlab chairs are evenly matched, depending on what each individual is looking for. Players looking for a deal or especially wide seats (while also weighing under 275lbs), will probably prefer a DXRacer chair. On the other hand, gamers who are looking for the absolute best chair (no matter the price) and want to be able to customize their seat later, Secretlab is the way to go.

The Secretlab Titan Evo offers an entirely new level of individualized support and unsurpassed performance. Applying cutting-edge engineering methods for complex designs. Better-than-ever materials that are handcrafted and superior in quality. For serious performance, professional-level ergonomics were incorporated into the design. This is the gaming chair with all the functionality most gamers need.The Titan Evo Series features full-metal armrests with CloudSwap technology, a 4-way lumbar support system, a magnetic memory foam head pillow, and a proprietary sculpted pebble seat base. With the launch of SKINS, you can now add a fabric layer over your TITAN Evo to not only change the color and material but also increase the durability of the chair.

The DXRacer Craft series can be defined in one simple word: Premium. With a wide Tilt angle, PU leather, and 6 different color designs, the Craft is a mainstay in our recommendations for the best Gaming Chairs money can buy.

Secretlab chairs typically cost between $319 and $899, although sales and add-ons can extend that price range quite a bit. The Titan Evo 2022 is currently priced between $534 and $624, based on which size and style is chosen.

Secretlab chairs have different weight limits based on their size, with the overall limits ranging from 285lbs to 395lbs.

DXRacer chairs cost between $450 and $650, depending on the style and the available discounts.

The weight limit for standard DXRacer chairs is 355lbs, while the XL weight capacity is 375lbs.

Yes, size matters when it comes to gaming chairs. Typically, you’ll want the top of the chair to just barely reach over the top of your head so that your full back is supported. Along the sides, you should have 2-4 inches of space next to your hips; many gamers test this using their fists.

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